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EToS-1: Eye Tracking on Shopfloors for User Engagement with Automation

A new paper from our group and with colleagues from OST – Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences was published at the Workshop AutomationXP22: Engaging with Automation which took place during the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2022).

Abstract: Mixed Reality (MR) is becoming an integral part of many context-aware industrial applications. In maintenance and remote support operations, the individual steps of computer-supported (cooperative) work can be defined and presented to human operators through MR headsets. Tracking of eye movements can provide valuable insights into a user’s decision-making and interaction processes. Thus, our overarching goal is to better understand the visual inspection behavior of machine operators on shopfloors and to find ways to provide them with attention-aware and context-aware assistance through MR headsets that increasingly come with eye tracking (ET) as a default feature. Toward this goal, in two industrial scenarios, we used two mobile eye tracking devices and systematically compared the visual inspection behavior of novice and expert operators. In this paper we present our preliminary findings and lessons learned.

Link to the full paper

An impression from the workshop:

Author: Jannis Strecker

Date: 24. May 2022