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Legal Code Workshop

After two Covid-related postponements, our workshop on Legal Code (link to Workshop Leaflet) finally took place yesterday at the University of St.Gallen and internationally. In this one-day workshop, we investigated the transformative impact of computerised law on society with an inter-disciplinary group of researchers. It was great to meet everyone, especially for those who were able to attend in person!

The first session of the workshop was guided by the questions: What are the foundations (technical, legal, political, societal) that enable law to be an object of more systematic translation for automatic interpretation by computers? What obstacles but also potentials/promotions occur in the quest for legal code? To what extent does the translation of law for automatic interpretation impact the trust of society in the legal order and the rule of law?

The second session of the workshop focused on: What novel approaches on regulating the digitalised society through computerised, algorithms-based approaches will accompany us in the next decade and beyond? How will the legal process, the law, individuals, and society at large be impacted by those approaches? How are issues of legitimacy, trust, and transparency taken into account in these discussions? Is the personalization of law realistic, or even inevitable?

Author: Simon Mayer

Date: 27. August 2021