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Sharing Personalized Mixed Reality Experiences

A new paper from our group has been published at the Workshop ABIS 2023 – 27th International Workshop on Personalization and Recommendation  which took place during the conference Mensch und Computer 2023 on September 3, 2023.


Nowadays, people encounter personalized services predominantly on the Web using personal computers or mobile devices. The increasing capabilities and pervasiveness of Mixed Reality (MR) devices, however, prepare the ground for personalization possibilities that are increasingly interwoven with our physical reality, extending beyond these traditional devices. Such ubiquitous, personalized MR experiences bring the potential to make our lives and interactions with our environments more convenient, intuitive, and safer. However, these experiences will also be prone to amplify the known beneficial and, notably, harmful implications of personalization. For instance, the loss of shared world objects or the nourishing of “real-world filter bubbles” might have serious social and societal consequences as they could lead to increasingly isolated experienced realities. In this work, we envision different modes for the sharing of personalized MR environments to counteract these potential harms of ubiquitous personalization. We furthermore illustrate the different modes with use cases and list open questions towards this vision.

Link to the full paper

Author: Jannis Strecker

Date: 1. September 2023