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A Novel Dataset and Benchmark for Surface NO2 Prediction from Remote Sensing Data Including COVID Lockdown Measures

@ IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) 2021


NO2 is an atmospheric trace gas that contributes to global warming as a precursor of greenhouse gases and has adverse effects on human health. Surface NO2 concentrations are commonly measured through strictly localized networks of air quality stations on the ground. This work presents a novel dataset of surface NO2 measurements aligned with atmospheric column densities from Sentinel-5P, as well as geographic and meteorological variables and lockdown information. The dataset provides access to data from a variety of sources through a common format and will foster data-driven research into the causes and effects of NO2 pollution. We showcase the value of the new dataset on the task of surface NO2 estimation with gradient boosting. The resulting models enable daily estimates and confident identification of EU NO2 exposure limit breaches. Additionally, we investigate the influence of COVID-19 lockdowns on air quality in Europe and find a significant decrease in NO2 levels.

Linus Mathias Scheibenreif, Michael Mommert, Damian Borth

22 Oct 2021

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computer science