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An Interactive Method for Detection of Process Activity Executions from IoT Data

IN: Future Internet



The increasing number of IoT devices equipped with sensors and actuators pervading every domain of everyday life allows for improved automated monitoring and analysis of processes executed in IoT-enabled environments. While sophisticated analysis methods exist to detect specific types of activities from low-level IoT data, a general approach for detecting activity executions that are part of more complex business processes does not exist. Moreover, dedicated information systems to orchestrate or monitor process executions are not available in typical IoT environments. As a consequence, the large corpus of existing process analysis and mining techniques to check and improve process executions cannot be applied. In this work, we develop an interactive method guiding the analysis of low-level IoT data with the goal of detecting higher-level process activity executions. The method is derived following the exploratory data analysis of an IoT data set from a smart factory. We propose analysis steps, sensor-actuator-activity patterns, and the novel concept of activity signatures that are applicable in many IoT domains. The method shows to be valuable for the early stages of IoT data analyses to build a ground truth based on domain knowledge and decisions of the process analyst, which can be used for automated activity detection in later stages.

Ronny Seiger, Marco Franceschetti, Barbara Weber

16 Feb 2023

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Journal paper
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Future Internet
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computer science