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Fostering Students’ Academic Writing Skills: Feedback Model for an AI-enabled Support Environment.



Due to recent advances in natural language processing (NLP), a new generation of digital learning support systems is emerging, which make it possible to analyse the writing quality of texts offering individual, linguistic feedback to writers through various kinds of automated text evaluation. These intelligent tutoring systems (ITS) have to be integrated into existing teaching practices alongside traditional feedback providers (e.g., tutor, peer students). Therefore, this paper explores how academic writing skills of students could be fostered by providing different types of feedback from a tutor, peer students and an ITS. It proposes a feedback model for academic writing in an AI-enabled learning support environment and illustrates the importance of the different feedback providers in an academic writing use case. Through this, the paper aims to contribute to a better understanding of the changing nature of how students' academic writing skills can be fostered in the age of artificial intelligence.

Sabine Seufert, Michael Burkhard, Siegfried Handschuh

25 Nov 2021

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Journal paper
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