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Seamless conceptual modeling of processes with transactional and analytical data

IN: Data & Knowledge Engineering



In the field of Business Process Management (BPM), modeling business processes and related data is a critical issue since process activities need to manage data stored in databases. The connection between processes and data is usually handled at the implementation level, even if modeling both processes and data at the conceptual level should help designers in improving business process models and identifying requirements for implementation. Especially in data- and decision-intensive contexts, business process activities need to access data stored both in databases and data warehouses. In this paper, we complete our approach for defining a novel conceptual view that bridges process activities and data. The proposed approach allows the designer to model the connection between business processes and database models and define the operations to perform, providing interesting insights on the overall connected perspective and hints for identifying activities that are crucial for decision support.

Carlo Combi, Barbara Oliboni, Mathias Weske, Francesca Zerbato

7 Jul 2021

Item Type
Journal paper
Journal Title
Data & Knowledge Engineering
Subject Areas
computer science